Ella Corson spends six months on Crete every year, the other six months she lives in Sweden. CHANS have given her 500 euro so as to in some little way help her rescue animals on Crete. We have been in contact for some time and last year some money was given to her as well. Ella is very involved in Animal Welfare matters and has helped many cats and dogs to a better life. Some of them have been adopted in Sweden, Holland and Denmark. To spay and neuter animals is very important thus keeping the number of animals at a minimum. Her latest project is Dudley…



Dudley came to my friend Elsa's Garden Allotment sometime in September. He was either abandoned or he is a run-away. He has been staying there since then. Dudley was extremely emaciated when he came but is now beginning to fill out, a little. He is also beginning to trust. Every day, he comes a little closer to me and always, wags his tail. But Dudley will not let me touch him - yet. He stays at a distance of about 3m. from me, wagging his tail - if I try to near him, he runs away, only to circle around again and come close to me - but at his own "safe distance".

I see that Dudley really wants to trust me, I believe that it is just a matter of time, before he does. And then, I am sure that he will make someone an excellent pet.

It is quite easy to judge Dudley's temperament with other animals. Although he is completely free, he never hurts any of the tied up dogs (male or female). He never bothers any of the 30 half-wild cats, which live at the garden allotment. He never barks at other dogs. Though he does sometimes direct a friendly bark my way - to get my attention - to get me to look at him! Sooooooooooo meet Dudley, a new project!!!!